Monday, September 23, 2013


The ZF hosted a breakfast meeting this morning with Hilik Bar, MK, who was in the country for the Labour Party Conference 

The event, in association with the Sussex Jewish Rep council, was attended by 30 people including ZF patrons, leaders of the Jewish and Christian communities, and Israeli activists.

Hilik, who at 38 is one of the youngest MKs, is a Member of Knesset for the Israel Labour Party, the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, and the Secretary General of the Labor Party – the youngest person ever to have held the position. Bar has played a crucial role in leading the rehabilitation of the Israeli Labor Party.

He briefed the audience on a number of issues, including the current status of the peace talks. Bar, who is the chair of the Caucus for Ending the Israeli-Arab Conflict, described how in the Knesset today there is a clear majority of MKs (70 out of 120) who favour a two state solution.

Bar also argued that, although Aliya is important and should be encouraged, Israel will always need its Diaspora Jewish communities.

Alan Aziz said that the ZF is extremely proud to have been able to host as high-calibre a speaker as Hilik Bar, who is as passionate an advocate for Israel as he is for peace, and delighted to be able to reach out to different communities and activists across the UK in order to inform and empower those who care deeply about Israel.