Thursday, April 7, 2011


At the ZF’s annual gala awards dinner last week, Harvey Rose - Chairman of the Zionist Federation, announced Gary Sakol as new Deputy Director of the ZF. In addition, Gary is currently the Director of Israel Connect – the young professionals wing of the ZF. The promotion came as a result of the ZF’s increased focus on Young Professionals and students. Alan Aziz, director of the ZF said:

“Life on campuses around the UK is becoming increasingly difficult, with more incidents than ever before. The ZF is increasing its activities in this area. In addition, the ZF is shifting more and more of its attention towards its younger leaders and as such, Gary is the best person to take on this new role within the ZF This is an extremely important arena for us, and will not neglect it”.

Gary Sakol said “At Israel Connect we provide students and Young Professionals with training, so as they can become a better and more confident advocate for Israel. This may be in the workplace or on campus. There is a great framework for Young Jewish people on campus and before – with both UJS and Youth Movements. However time and again we experience people leaving University with no framework for them to continue their involvement and educational continuation – unless they want to join a fundraising committee”.

Gary, originally from Glasgow and a graduate of Leeds University, previously worked for the youth movement Habonim Dror, where he served as Camps Organiser and Mazkir.